Come to Battle Creek's indoor skate park and ride the ramps!

Skateboards, BMX Bikes, Scooters, Roller Blades

At Calhoun County's only indoor skate park, we welcome all kinds of wheels including skateboards, BMX bikes, scooters and in-line skates. On occasion , we have had roller derby girls on classic four wheeled skates, wheel chairs and even a unicycle once. 

Because we have some amazingly talented young riders, Battleground is available for all ages.

Some of the older, more experienced riders are doing tricks with considerable speed and force, so park managers watch beginners carefully to determine if they are aware enough to be safe.

(Right when we open on weekdays and Saturday morning are great times for parents to bring younger kids to learn.)

Every rider needs to have a signed waiver! You can fill out our waiver in the shop or online. If you are under 18, your parent or legal guardian MUST fill out the waiver for you.



4-8 pm 6.00 Special!


4-8 pm - $8.00  Or 

Attend Skate Church 
and ride Free

(Ramps shut down from 6-6:45 pm)


4-8 pm - $8.00


4-9 pm - $10.00

Fossil Ride (18 & Up)
Starting in the Fall!


1 pm-5 pm - $10.00

5 pm-9 pm - $10.00

Combo - $15.00


1-5 pm - $10.00

Park Rental Available 5-7 pm

Last hour special: Come for the last hour any night and only pay 4 bucks


Helmet  >>> 2.00
Skateboard  >>> 5.00
Bike/Scooter  >>> 10.00
Lock for Locker  >>> 2.00