Battleground Staff

Battleground staff come to you from the far reaches of the globe with a unique assortment of skills and...well, you can decide for yourself about some of their hobbies! If you need help with something, whether sport related or just life, let us know. We are here for you! Learn more about skate ministry here.

Matt Ramiller is a Park Manager at Battleground. He is a professional skateboarder who has worked with numerous action sports ministries, including Youth for Christ in Duluth, MN, Lake Owen Action Sports Camp in WI, and YWAM skate ministry in Australia. In the land down under, working with Pure Parks skatepark ministry, he visited over 200 skate parks to clean, give out bibles and skate with kids.

Ususual things you might not guess about Matt:

He enjoys polar plunges, would rather eat cereal than steak most days, once rode his mountain bike 270 miles in 2 days just to see his wife, and has ridden his skateboard on 4 continents.

Jen Kahly is a Park Manager at Battleground. She has been a youth leader at churches and camps (including a horse camp), taught reading and math to struggling kindergartners, and is a teacher to her 3 children. Her family has been involved with the ministry of Battleground for several years and her husband has served on the board.

Unusual things you might not guess about Jen:

She loves podcasts like Someone Knows Something, has been on a cruise, likes Chinese and Indian food, and doesn't like to wear navy blue and black together because she doesn't want to look like a bruise.

Gordon Rohrbacher has been involved with many different ministries in the area, including City Linc's Second Wind Mentor program for men on parole. He has a degree in Psychology from Albion College.

Unusual things you might not guess about Gordon:

He grew up with his four siblings on a farm in Lake Odessa, MI, survived Junior High School, went to Spain during high school, and likes Victorian houses and furniture.

Peter Morris is an experienced skater and skate instructor from Kalamazoo. He has a Fine Arts degree from WMU and has an incredible memory for detail.

Unusual things you might not guess about Peter:

He is a musician who makes instrumental tracks and indie alternative music, he has broken both ankles, both wrists and has two fake teeth.