Battleground Sticker Contest

What we are looking for:

  • Clear, creative and ORIGINAL design
  • Can be drawn digitally or by hand
  • At least 4-5 inches in dimension (or large pixel dimensions like at least 1500x1500) so we can get good grapics.
    NOTE: Final sticker may be as small as 2-3" in diameter depending on our printer's recommendations. But design
    larger and we can shrink it!

What you win:

The winning artist will get

  • His or her design as the official Battleground sticker for 2019
  • Ten free stickers of the selected design
  • PLUS a free month membership at Battleground!

How to enter:

  1. Submit your design in person at the park OR send it as an attachment to our email by November 30. BE SURE to include your name, address and phone number!!!

Tips for Winning:

We will be looking extra hard at designs that use only one color. We aren't saying you can't use more colors, but one color gets bonus points. Black ink on white background is great!

We really would like to see at least one of these elements included in your design: 

  • Our name - BG Battleground or Battleground Skate House
  • Our website -

And you could include

  • The year - 2019
  • Our location - Lakeview Square Mall or Battle Creek, MI
  • A slogan you feel represents what we do at Battleground
  • Pictures of sports that happen at Battleground - skateboards, BMX, scooters, skates

If you don't feel like your handwriting is good enough, lettering can be included by a computer, but we need space in the design for it.

We like edgy art, but we will only consider a design that goes with Battleground values so that means
no drugs, nudity, violence, etc.


All submitted designs become the exclusive property of Battleground Skate House, Inc. We may choose elements of your design but make alterations before printing (for clarity and better graphics.) We may consult with you and ask you to redesign your submission to work better and you can agree or decline, but we are not obligated to consult you on changes to your design. We may use your design for any and all purposes we choose once submitted. No monetary remuneration will be made for any design. Designs that have been published elsewhere may not be submitted - they must be ORIGINAL. The winner will be announced in December! This contest is void where prohibited by law.